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About Pincheck Ltd

Who and What

Pincheck’s founder is Harry Joseph, a former Army officer and Operations Director for a Cambridge University college.

He brings over 13 years’ experience in challenging worldwide operational environments. With this knowledge, he confidently advises on leadership, operations, risk, and business continuity.

Pincheck is a consultancy improving clients’ understanding of and ability to respond to emergencies. We are an excellent fresh set of eyes or extra pair of hands supporting your business, developing teams, and boosting your ability to perform through difficult times.

What’s in a name?

A pincheck is an inspection of skydiving equipment made just before jumping from an aircraft. They are a final chance to fix issues or stop before it is too late.

This underpins Pincheck’s approach, which focuses on layers of preparation, making improvements where needed. We work with integrity, transparency, and practicality.

Harry Joseph, CMgr CBCI