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Soft skills for hard impact

Welcome to the Pincheck Ltd blog, and thank you for showing interest in my business. This first post is about my ethos, what I can do for you, and the direction in which I’m heading.

TL;DR: I bring a wealth of experience in soft skills to make you faster, more responsive, and more focused than before. I can already do this in a number of ways, with more coming soon. You should read more below.


Integrity, practicality, and transparency are central to my approach. I’ve found them pivotal in my career and hobbies to date, and am keen to bring them to my work here. You’ll find my reasoning and advice open and frank, and my plans to be functional and realistic as standard. In selecting these three values as core to my business, I’ve taken lessons from various areas of my life, including but not limited to:

  • Languages: a lifelong student of foreign languages with substantial practical experience, I appreciate the practical application of theory in carefully connecting and constructing ideas for effective and unambiguous communication.
  • Military: after serving for over eight years, I took integrity straight from the British Army’s values as the one I felt most foundational. Success stems from doing the right thing even when it is difficult or no-one is watching.
  • Motorbikes: riding effectively and safely requires observation, planning, early decision-making and good practical use of the vehicle.
  • Sports skydiving: a physically demanding and practical activity supported by protocols, regulations, rules and lessons learned through difficult and sometimes fatal experience. Planning carefully with effective processes, and speaking up when things aren’t right are crucial.

What Pincheck Can Do For You

Pincheck’s offer currently includes the creation or review of existing documentation, process analysis, and reassurance that plans are fit for purpose through a range of exercises.

Alongside these services, I am pleased to announce the introduction of half-day workshops, for delivery to audiences of up to 50, providing interactive training in business continuity. These 3-hour interactive sessions are suitable for all audiences but more specifically aimed at 16-24 year olds nearing the end of educational pipelines and about to enter the workforce. I believe a stronger understanding at an early age of organisational emergency, crisis, and disaster management will create more proactive and thoughtful staff.

These products aren’t nearly as important as my approach: a partnership with clients to really understand what is going on under the bonnet of their operations to develop strong and practical plans that will actually work within any constraints. When you hire Pincheck to consult or advise on your plans, you will find a direct, transparent, and supportive response, with areas for improvement clearly highlighted. If you want a “yes man” or a rubber stamp, you should look elsewhere.

The Future

Works in progress:

  • A downloadable guide to business continuity, featuring examples and immediately practical exercises, available for purchase online.
  • A series of short videos on LinkedIn
  • More blog posts

Let me know what else you would like to see, and don’t hesitate to use the Contact page if you would like to discuss any of the products and services above.

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